The University of Washington (UW) is a world-leader in scientific research across a broad spectrum of areas. UW is the highest federally funded public university for research and development and is the second highest funded institution in the United States.

For these and other reasons, it is imperative that researchers and policymakers work together to bring science and policy together. The UW Science and Policy Steering Committee is committed to being advocates and resources for the intersection of science and policy.

UW Science Policy Committee is a member of the National Science Policy Group (NSPG), a network of over 30 student groups across the United States focused on continuing conversations around science and policy. Groups work together and offer advice to each other on science policy advocacy and communication.

Mission Statement:

The Science and Policy Steering Committee (SPS) works to enhance the discourse between scientists and policy makers through advocacy, community building, and student empowerment.

  1. Assist student scientists in developing their skills in communication across disciplines and to the general public;
  2. Promote public awareness of science research at the UW, and provide opportunities to develop partnerships in the community;
  3. Create opportunities and organize events in collaboration with the Communications and Outreach Committee that enable students to advocate for their field of study, their research, and other graduate students;
  4. Select one member to serve as a representative on the Committee Coordinating Board; and
  5. Regularly record its work in a publicly available and easily searchable manner on the GPSS Wiki

The Science and Policy Steering Committee (SPS) of the University of Washington (UW) Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) is working to bridge the gap between science and society by spearheading events, providing workshops for professional development and networking opportunities, and building a network of resources for science policy initiatives.

The SPS is a committee of students from the graduate and professional schools at UW, but is open to members of the UW community at large, and works to build connections and a foundation for science communication between scientists and policy makers at the local, state and federal levels.

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